[Guide] Inventory




Weapons boost your physical attack (PATK);
Clothing boosts your physical defense (PDEF);
Pants increase your magical defense (MDEF);
Helmets increase your hit points (HP);
Rings increase your critical strike (Crit) and Hit rate;
Boots boost your Agility;

Equipment Quality

Different colors represent different quality equipment in League of Angels - from white (Common), to green (Uncommon), blue (Rare), purple (Epic), orange (Legendary), and ultimately red (Mythic). Each set of different equipment gives different stat boosts - and a different set bonus.

How to Arm Yourself

Blitz Dungeons: this is the best way to materials needed for synthing weapons;
Erebus Drops: find materials for synthing helmets, clothing and boots here;
Team Dungeon: you'll come across materials for synthing boots, pants and accessories - as well as prints for synthing rings;
Arena Drops: don't forget to collect prints for synthing weapons, helmets and clothing from the Arena, as well as materials for synthing pants;
You'll find most weapons through in main quest drops or by slaying monsters.

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