[Siegelord 6.9 Patch Note]


[Siegelord 6.9 Patch Note]
1.Cross-server Elite Fight
Similar to the old cross-server tournament, see more details in the Elite Fight announcement.
Use witchcraft to upgrade Servius to purple quality and unlock skill Flame Circle. The skill can deal massive damage to your opponent in Tournament and Elite Fight. The skill has three attempts in each event.
3.New Barbarian Quest
Reduced the difficulty of the quest. Be the first faction to reclaim your fortresses, additional rewards will be granted.
4.Maritime Silk Road
Players who have unlocked Silk Road event may also unlock Maritime Silk Road event. Hire your crew to start a voyage. Explore the islands along the maritime silk road to find treasures.
5.Optimized Reward General Event
6.Detail optimization
Daily login shows tournament info
Reduced difficulty of Lv.160 - Lv.164 scenarios
Reduced gold cost for iron in blacksmith
Added Lv.127 and Lv.145 gem technologies.
Barbarian fortress is no longer deemed as one of the defenders in a crusade.
Mechanism of exchanging iron for alloy at Oadley is optimized.
"Help Me" events will not appear on silk road anymore. However, you can still finish the events that have already been triggered.
Bargain events now only reward shards.
Gem association now accepts vouchers only.
7.Introduced level sections
At Lv.130, research related technology to unlock level sections. Each level higher than Lv.130 will be divided into 3 sections. Rewards will be granted every time when you have completed a section.
8.Exclusive Accessory
Unlocks when Hangred is awakened. A new tab is added in Tavern. The exclusive accessory will cost gems.
9.Gem Prayer
Added two new related technologies at Lv.127 and Lv.145. Gem Prayer now starts at 10 diamonds, price increases by 5 diamonds every time, maximum 50 diamonds.